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Introducing: Dyberg Larsen

Posted on May 04 2017

Dyberg Larsen is one of the most contemporary names in luxury lighting design and manufacture. Their focus is apparent in everything they do: beautiful design, quality materials, and sustainability are paramount to everything they create.

The premier designer for the brand is Frank Kerdil. Together, they work with a passion to maintain an essential philosophy. For Dyberg Larsen, their mission is to make every single product to be something unique, to offer a character and class that can't be duplicated.

Every Dyberg Larsen lamp is created with a special expression, a special function, a unique material, a unique use, or an individual method of production. Devoting a lot of time to research, the products they create are among the most cutting edge available.

These lights are suited to a range of settings, from private homes to the contract market. These designs are crafted to meet your needs, to be functional, to be adaptable, and to impress. Every product the Danish company make is built with a WOW factor.

Easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to appreciate, these designs are crafted with you in mind. A brand name on the rise, what they lack in longstanding history they more than make up for with ingenuity.