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Introducing: Endon Lighting

Posted on January 05 2017

Endon Lighting have established themselves as a premiere name in decorative lighting designs to suit both contemporary and traditional environments.


A sub brand of Poole Lighting - and part of the collective that makes up the National Lighting Company - Endon Lighting was established over 75 years ago. The company was set up to uphold four core values with a flexible attitude towards the clients needs: service, reliability, customer satisfaction, and product development. This has made Endon Lighting the supplier of choice for UK decorative and functional lighting to both the retail and wholesale market. In recent years, rising international acclaim has led to this status of excellence broadening to include the export market.


Endon Lighting's head office is located in Poole, Dorset. Their warehousing and showroom facility occupies a six acre site in Leeds. With bases in the north and south of the UK, Endon Lighting are ideally situated to access road, air, and sea routes, making all their products readily available for the customer. Every product is managed using a state of the art barcoded warehouse management system. Not only does this keep stock levels accurate, but the efficiency of the system means orders can be picked and dispatched within thirty minutes of them being sent.


The brand boast a range of over a thousand products in their portfolio. Their Product Development team has built up many years experience in decorative and contract products, and constantly push the limits to ensure the products you receive suit your needs. Not only that, but Endon Lighting have the ability and the infrastructure to develop bespoke products custom created for you.

Quality control is at the heart of the business. Each and every pieces is not just tested and certified, but meticulously inspected both pre- and post- manufacture, ensuring what you receive is a lighting design that suits your need to the highest of standards. Endon take on the worry, so you don't have to.