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Introducing: Fambuena Lighting

Posted on September 11 2017

Above all things, Fambuena Lighting cultivate a passion and a feeling for light. Theirs is a material romance. Drawing inspiration from the soul of light rays and their intangible beauty in the air that pervades people and places, Fambuena create a synergy of emotions. Joining places and minds in a moment, or even in a glance, these designs are a romance of shape, space, and light that proves eternally spellbinding. Theirs is both a poetry determined never to fade and a passion they pursue tirelessly. Born in 2005 under the prism of the Comes brothers, Fambuena creates, manufactures, and distributes its youthful designs worldwide under the artistic direction of Vicente Garcia Jiménez. This young and dynamic company brings together internationally-renowned designers to bring to life some of the most magical designs around. Expressing a universe of light through unique beauty, sensuality, and romanticism, Fambuena Lighting wasted no time in making their name known. Each one of their collections creates a unique atmosphere, transforming the designs into objects with a specific emotional language. A filter of light and ideas, in pursuit of the brightest minds all striving for the brightest designs, Fambuena Lighting interprets and manifests its vision and understanding of light and space like no other. Focusing on the environments and emotions created through the language of objects, their mission is to make the world glow - and no one is going to stand in their way.