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Introducing: Faustig Lighting

Posted on September 12 2017

"We are not the only maker of crystal chandeliers," Faustig Lighting introduce on their website, "nor the oldest, the cheapest, or the most expensive." This isn't a brand to deal in extremes. Instead their focus lies with pure, unfettered luxury quality, and with bringing that to life.

This is a brand driven by passion. For Faustig Lighting, without life there would be no light. They've seen how every culture places emphasis on the extraordinary influence of light on feelings, thoughts, moods, happiness, and well being. They've born witness to how light can convey and even create emotion, especially when it comes to living spaces.

It's this mindset, this passion for their art, their form, and their craft that drives Faustig Lighting to always function in pursuit of the best of the best. Their crystal chandeliers are timeless, and yet they always retain an air of the contemporary. Whether your interior design is conventional or avant garde, these design pieces are made to suit you.

Fine forms and materials are selected and combined with the purpose of conveying an atmosphere of perfection. In their mission to provide the best of the best for their clients and customers, only the best prevails. Faustig Lighting is a benchmark of quality.

With a history stretching back as early as 1960, this is a company with both experience and driving passion. Offering a unique selection of world class crystal chandeliers, exquisitely produced as works of art, brought to life with the highest possible quality.