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Introducing: The Festival Of Lights

Posted on October 16 2017

Luxury lighting is a spectacle to behold - that much is evident from the endless range of options available. From the classic through the contemporary to the cutting edge and beyond, there's a whole entire world of options and characters to explore.

One opportunity to do that arises at the annual Festival Of Lights. Taking place in Berlin, this yearly event is a chance to celebrate all that the medium of lighting has to offer. Now in its thirteenth year, the Festival Of Lights sees popular landmarks, monuments, buildings, and squares in Berlin lit up at nightfall.

Each illumination is designed to be even more memorable than the last, mesmerising to witness and impossible to forget. The Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, and the Funkturm are just three of the historical monuments that partake in this striking event year on year.

With luxury lighting already established as an art form, it's no surprise that the Festival Of Light sees artists return to it every year. Many international lighting artists, both local and international, use the event as a unique opportunity to project their temporary works of art onto some of the most dazzling buildings in the world.

The event also boats guided tours under the name LightSeeing. Visitors are able to tour the highlights of the festival by bus, by boat, or, of course, on foot. There's even the option to partake in photography workshops that are open housed at selected buildings, as well as a number of charity events throughout the festival's duration.

The Festival Of Lights is all about sensation: from the experience of the event itself, to the spectacle of the lighting it exhibits, and beyond, there isn't another event like it.

This year's Festival Of Lights began on the 6th October and ran until 15th October.