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Introducing: FILD

Posted on November 15 2017

With their identity built around the colours ash grey and dimmed yellow, FILD is a lighting brand with a personality that is unmistakably their own. While maintaining their successful development, the studio keeps working on bringing new ideas to life, creating interior projects and looking forward to new partnerships and collaborations. FILD Lighting is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of objects in graphic and interior design. Their perception is based on design laconism, application convenience, and pleasant textures, all of which interplay to create products crafted to suit you. The brand may be relatively new in the field of contemporary luxury lighting, but FILD have already achieved success through numerous architectural and interior design projects, as well as branding projects for the likes of a yoga studio, beauty salons, private apartments, fashion stores, and flower boutiques. Founded by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko FILD prides itself on their passion for their industry and their craft. It's a passion that flows through the very lifeblood of the company, with the two founders having since got married to each other. Working with a variety of color palettes and geometrical shapes, FILD presents endless possibilities for combinations and unlimited creativity. What you seek, they strive to create, with an identity that cannot be forced or faulted.