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Introducing: Flos' History

Posted on April 19 2017

Over fifty years ago a gentleman near Merano suddenly found himself becoming the licencee for a strange American material. This material, when sprayed, turned into a sort of polymer for the packing of aeroplane parts. Upon seeing this material he noticed that once it had been sprayed its consistency changed and it became a sort of translucent skin. He had the idea of using this material to create lamps.

This man was called Eisenkeil. A pioneer of lighting design, he saw the new possibilities this new material presented. He called Dino Gavina (himself a great visionary and Italian designer) with the proposition. Gavina responded saying "let's call the Castigiloni brothers and Tobia Scarpa and let's begin to make lamps."

And so that was how company started. Called Eisenkeil at the beginning, it wasn't until the arrival of the Cassina family, who had invested funds in helping the business set up and find its feet, that the brand became known as Flos. Soon after this, in 1964, the brand moved to Brescia, making the city its home.

Right from the very start of their story, Flos have promoted a very characteristic set of ideals. That includes an aptitude for innovation, but rather than making that their main focus, Flos have fused it with a sense of pure poetry. It's the combination of the two, part and parcel of every design the brand bring to life, that makes their designs so spectacular and sought after.

For Flos, the most important thing is to keep the energy of the creative moment alive. This is something Flos strive to do through every step of their production, from design, through manufacture, to use. It's instilled into the very DNA of their designs, bringing a sense of life to your setting as you see fit.