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Introducing: GANTlights

Posted on October 27 2017

If you are in search of a lighting solution that's as timeless as it is elegant, then GANTlights is the brand for you. These individual and architecturally influenced designs are constructed with personality in mind, offering a sense of character created to suit your lighting needs.

Established in the German city of Berlin in 2012, GANTlights have established themselves as a revered name in handcrafted luminaries. Playfully mixing experimental forms and materials - such as concrete and gold - the results are some of the most stunning aesthetic luxury lighting solutions available on the market.

The GANTlights product line began with just a single lamp but this soon developed into a larger range. They took gold, silver and copper as well as concrete as the main materials for their creations and developed this to incorporate further materials and new concepts. Their designs possess a truly modern feel but also timelessness which adds to their overall elegance and ability to fit in with a wide range of modern spaces.

Architecture and lighting might not necessarily be instantly thought of as a compatible pair, but brand founder Stefan Gant manages to merge the two with a masterful ease and grace. There's a rawness to these designs which has been enhanced with the precious metal elements, added to bring out the more elegant and designer flair of each piece.

The architectural influence on the pieces from GANTlights makes them enjoyable in a range of different colours and finishes and whilst some have a simple four-sided construction others have distinctive geometric shapes and unique sculpted styles.