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Introducing: human centric lighting

Posted on March 16 2018

When it comes to completing the perfect luxury lighting project, it's not just the setting you need to understand, but the people who frequent or make use of that setting. The new trend of human centric lighting puts people and their well being at the centre of any lighting project. Human centric lighting takes into account the amount of light a person needs over the course of a day, and how that changes as the day progresses. The biological rhythm of the human being is crucially influenced by the progress of sunlight. Strong daylight has a colour tone of blue, which stimulates hormones and leads to increased wakefullness, an enhanced ability to concentrate, and a feeling of general fitness. In the course of the day, the colour of the light changes into a significantly warmer tone, thus creating a reversal of this effect, so that people become calmer in the evening and are prepared for the imminent sleep phase. It's becoming increasingly more common to encounter luxury lighting solutions that strive to embody the notion of human centric lighting, adapting in colour and tone in order to support a person's circadian rhythm. Not only is this a more personable and realistic touch to bring to a lighting project, but it's actually a healthier approach too. A lamp designed along biological lines follows the same phases as the sun, as far as the colour of the light is concerned, and thus creates healthier lighting. Of course, there are several things that need to be taken into account with human centric lighting. Colour temperature, intensity, and direction are just three facets of luxury lighting design that need to be considered when bringing human centric lighting to a setting.