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Introducing: Illuminati Lighting

Posted on January 16 2017

Bringing an air of luxury to contemporary lighting designs, Illuminati Lighting have quickly become considered among the most iconic lighting design brands on the market - one look at their collection of fixtures and designs, and it's easy to see why.


Founded in 2010, Illuminati Lighting employs only the most highly skilled Artisan and Italian Designers. It's this foundation of excellence that's led to the brand becoming viewed as one of the most exclusive manufacturers in the world.

Mission Statement

Illuminati Lighting strives to provide only the highest quality products for high end retailers and designers, for commercial, domestic, and contract situations alike. The brand are design led, pioneering the way with their characteristic creations. Not only that, but they sit as market leaders in lighting technologies.

The company focus on creativity with light, ensuring the product you receive is truly unique. With every single one of their products, Illuminati Lighting aims to create a beautiful living environment.


The brand are famed for everything from table and floor lights, through wall lights and pendants, to chandeliers. All of their products, whether made in a contemporary or traditional design, are forged using leading edge manufacturing technologies.

The lighting ranges that Illuminati Lighting offer are constantly evolving, embodying the company's ongoing mission to consistently offer products that are not only made with the most cutting edge uses of technology, but are at the height of luxury.

To add another feather to their many stringed bow, Illuminati Lighting also offer a bespoke service. This is a service which allows the lighting requirements to be tailored to a clients exact specifications, thereby ensuring the product you receive is optimized to achieve the maximum possible affect in your setting.