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Introducing: Inarchi Lighting

Posted on May 02 2017

“There comes a time in life when one looks back, evaluates life, and becomes aware of the sum of experience that accumulated over the years,” Inarchi Lighting state. “When this moment comes, new thoughts, new notions are born in one’s mind - a sense of clarity and purpose rise from the plethora of experience.”

This description of empiric learning, and the catharsis it brings, is how Inarchi Lighting introduce themselves to the world.

Janos Héder and Judit Zoltai have long been famed in the luxury lighting industry for their involvement in the creation of a number of designer lamps and installations. This pair have not only been the designers of some of the decade’s most celebrated lighting stories, but the driving force behind them.

Together, this pair bring chandeliers to life for projects all over the world, their lights inspiring and uplifting the thousands of people who encounter them every day.

The next step was natural: to realise a new aspect of their dreams by creating a line of lighting elements to bring light to more spaces than ever before. That line is Inarchi Lighting.

Constructing designs that exist in a pure, minimal state, every aspect of these elements brings another facet of the creators’ imagination to the surface. These are embodiments of self-exploration, a journey of innovation through new tools and new materials carefully selected to bring the vision to life.

Uncluttered and unprecedented, with a profound functionality to boot, the designs Inarchi Lighting create are one of a kind, instilled with beauty and a wholly contemporary sense of wonder.