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Introducing: Interiors 1900

Posted on May 03 2017

Founded in 1983, Interiors 1900 is a brand whose name is synonymous with not only quality but also timeless designs.

Interiors 1900 initially started out as a specialist in art deco lighting and in Tiffany reproductions. Even then the company showed a greatness that could only lead to bolder and brighter things. With their commitment to design and careful attention to detail, the company have grown to become a market leader in the Tiffany sector.

The company has devoted much of their time, skills, and expertise towards developing new lines and new styles with the same principles the brand has always been known for. Embracing a range of styles, from Georgian to the latest in contemporary crystal designs, these lights are created with the highest craftsmanship and class.

With ranges that incorporate everything from brass lighting to hand painted lamps, drawing on influences from the contemporary to the traditional, from their own history to a worldwide ancestry, Interiors 1900 maintain their mission to provide quality, choice, innovation, and great service.

This is a company with variety and history, with understanding and expertise, with ingenuity and innovation. With a team that’s both passionate and committed, Interiors 1900 bring to life some of the most characteristic traditions with a fresh illumination and flair.