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Introducing: The January Furniture Show

Posted on January 12 2017

Birmingham isn't automatically the first place everyone thinks of when they think of lighting. While the connotations might not be obvious, when you start to get to know the industry is becomes apparent that Birmingham lighting is actually a pretty big deal. The city is home to a number of lighting events throughout the year.

The Annual Event

Firstly, there's the annual January Furniture Show. Taking place at the Birmingham NEC (this year from the 24th - 27th of the month), this event might only be in its third year but it's quickly attained a traditional stature. Occupying five halls over four days, and featuring over 500 exhibitors, the event is one of the UK's flagship shows.

Incorporating a Fabric Pavilion and Flooring Showcase, as well as featuring The Furniture Awards and a number of other special features, the January Furniture Show is one of the most important and comprehensive events in the furniture industry calendar.

This Years Event

Now in its third year, the event features a great many household names - such as Dar and major brands from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France and the Far East - in lighting and lighting design. Filling the NEC's five major halls, it's a perfect opportunity to buy, source, or simply take note of the trends developing in furniture and furnishing accessories.

The January Furniture Show gives attendees a complete in depth representation of what’s available in the furniture and furnishings industry today, and, just as importantly, where it might be going tomorrow. It presents a whole world of inspiration and possibility ripe for exploration.