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Introducing: Koket

Posted on October 20 2017

Manufactured by some of the most esteemed artisans and craftsmen in the business, Koket's luxury designs leave no detail or element forgotten. The brand work with a group of principal designers, all of them exceptionally artistic and well rounded product designers with an almost fanatic strive for perfection. This is what Koket seek to offer in every item they create. Managed by an elite staff of highly skilled individuals, the brand seeks to create, cultivate, preserve, and present moments of design seduction in their highly desirable empowering statement pieces. Founded by Janet Morais, Koket is a lifelong passion project brought to life. This is more than just design, or even manufacturing. Koket is a daring aesthetic with high impact shows, lavish presentations, and notoriously risque ad campaigns.  Everything that Koket create is brought to live to convey their love for their craft, their drive within their industry, their cutting edge expertise, and their unparalleled sense of character and personality. Simply put: Koket is a brand to fall in love with.