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Introducing: Lighting Designers

Posted on May 15 2017

When it comes to luxury lighting, you'll often hear recommendations that you speak with a lighting designer, architect, or lighting professional. These are people who can help bring your ideas to life as you envisage them. But what actually are the benefits of this? How much do they truly offer? How much does their guidance really help?

Ahead of the Lighting Design Awards earlier this month, Lighting Magazine spoke to a number of professionals across the lighting industry to try and establish for you why this role is important. Featuring property developers, architects, retailers, restaurateurs, university managers, and nurses, this is an examination and showcase of what these professionals have to offer, drawing a resolute conclusion as to the benefits of working with a professional lighting designer.

A triumph of visuals, the video features a flair for artistry, encompasses cinematic shots of awe inspiring settings, stunning illuminations, and spots of visual wonder, this is a venture not just through the importance of design, but a venture through the effect of light itself. Featuring professionals from all walks of life, this video demonstrates the impact a lighting designer can have on venues, settings, and locations across a number of industries. Still feeling undecided? Watch the video below, and let it carry you to your own conclusion.