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Introducing: Loop & Co Homeware

Posted on July 06 2017

When it comes to luxury lighting design, one of the most prized characteristics is quality. From the smallest of table lamps to the most colossal of suspension lights, quality of design, manufacture, display, and use all play a pivotal part in the impression a fixture gives. A crucial part of every step in every part of the process, this is something that Loop & Co pride themselves on being able to create and provide.

"Quality makes its way into the homes of those who are able to recognize it," Loop & Co state on their website. That is exactly what this brand are here to do: to put their expertise to its best use, and help you attain the sense of quality that you seek for your setting.

Loop & Co are a brand who adore beautiful homes of all shapes and sizes.  Their mission is simple: to assist anyone and everyone they can to furnish their living spaces by giving preference to quality. Through their work they pledge to give their customers the chance to choose the very best.

The brand originated in Southern Italy - an area where true Italian values such as good taste, passion, and workmanship continue to predominate. The company was generated by the experience of an individual group that had been operating in the furniture for many years.

This company strive to furnish all homes with the highest quality furniture. Their strategy is simple: to offer the best products at the right price. This is the main value expressed by the vision that Loop & Co was founded upon, fueled by the belief that any project must be orientated towards the customer.