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Introducing: Luce Da Vivere Lighting

Posted on February 14 2017

As subsidiary brand of Italian Design Lighting, Luce Da Vivere have built up a reputation for their ability to inject a sense of luxury into living environments. Through their innovative designs and finely tuned absolute aesthetic balance, the brand continue to offer some of the best solutions for lighting in modern interiors.

The History

In 1987 two associates, Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva, decided to merge their expertise, knowledge, and experiences to launch a manufacturing facility for interior decorative lighting. The firm, their processes, and their products have always been managed with artisanal aesthetic in mind, enabling them to create exclusive and highly prestigious designs which evolve in step with the firm itself.

Throughout their three decade long history the brand has grown to stand as one of the market leaders. Known for the exclusivity of their designs, what this company offer has always been something unique - a facet that has long kept their products in high demand.

The Brand

For designs that are capable of embodying luxury in a living environment, Luce Da Vivere are one of the best. Combining innovation and balance with an ongoing attention to functionality and new lighting visions, the results this brand create are considered to be some of the most outstanding on the market.

By focusing their energies in providing products and services that satisfy a select and demanding range of clients, the brand have been able to maintain the highest production and technical standards throughout all of their operations.

It's a contribution to elegance in everyday living, to making your environment feel like someplace truly special, that makes this brand stand out from the rest.