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Introducing: Luxury Lighting

Posted on January 13 2016

Introducing: Luxury Lighting

Luxury. Noun. A state of great comfort or elegance. To us, luxury lighting means lighting sculptures that are crafted by expert craftsmen, who infuse their expertise, passion and love with rare and beautiful materials.

Within lighting there are several brands that are known worldwide for their luxury sculptures. Schonbek and Massiero offer the world’s most prestigious traditional crystal chandeliers. Whereas, companies like Swarovski Lighting and Terzani dominate the luxury modern and contemporary lighting markets.

When it comes to the traditional crystal chandeliers, the top quality crystals come from Swarovski. Other manufacturers like Massiero and Schonbek, use the Crystals by Swarovski™ to enhance their lighting sculptures. What really makes Swarovski crystal the best crystal in the world is the number of cuts the crystal has, allowing a greater amount of light to refract within the crystal and hence create more shine.

For those with a more modern taste, Flos Lighting and Terzani offer a wonderful take on modern luxury! Flos designs range from the more contemporary to the infamous designs of Philippe Starck while Terzani have a modern approach to lighting design with stunning use of chain, from 24k gold to nickel. Swarovski offer their own range of ultra-modern chandeliers, if you can afford the price that that is!

So when it comes it luxury lighting, it’s a very subjective topic, which is individual to each and every one of us. Most of the high-end lighting brands offer a completely bespoke service, where every part of the light from number of bulbs, finish and size can be customised to the exact requirements of the client.