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Introducing: Manooi Lighting

Posted on May 04 2017

Inspired by the natural light around us, Manooi Lighting strive to re-create the harmony and positivity of natural light within individual homes and public buildings. Designers and manufacturers of custom made crystal chandeliers, they design and create lights with no shortage of glamour.

Founded and run by artist and designer couple János Héder and Judit Zoltai, the company has been operating under their joint supervision since it first started. The workshop is a cradle of creative activity where the hands of devoted and talented young designers brainstorm, draw, play, assemble and reassemble models of beautiful light creations.

Manooi Light Creations continue to cooperate with architects around the world, developing special light installations for their projects. Year after year they present new collections to loyal international clients, many of them are art loving individuals with a constant desire for new and powerful aesthetics.

This is a brand that focus on selecting the best raw materials when assembling their products. For Manooi, it does matter which crystal, suspension, cable, or supporting materials they build in. By conducting so much research, their products are built with the utmost durability, sustainability, and class.

Inviting you to take a journey through their brand new products made of innovative materials, everything that Manooi Light Creations all have one thing in common: they all bring you light in its purest form.