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Introducing: Marchetti Lighting

Posted on February 01 2017

When it comes to bespoke lighting creations, Marchetti Lighting stand at the top of their field. With a hand-crafted ethos at the core of their very being, the company have developed a DNA structure for all working methods that continues to set them apart from the rest.


For over forty years now Marchetti Lighting have been making style their very reason for being. Skillfully merging style with the entrepreneurial spirit that has always marked the family and its story. The brand have strong ties to their origins, upholding the belief that Made In Italy is a key value of quality and elegance.

The Brand

Marchetti Lighting is a brand that wears its heart on its sleeve. Depicting a hummingbird in their logo, the company share a number of traits with the winged creature. According to the brand, the hummingbird symbolises "liberty," "energy," and "tenacity,." They continue to state that "regardless of its dimensions it follows its dreams, ideas and things that most would consider impossible." This is exactly what Marchetti Lighting strive to do, pursuing and feeding on light to create the most brilliant designs you can find.

Also like the hummingbird, Marchetti Lighting are in a constant evolution. They describe it as being "filled with the desire to move, innovate, and think of the future in a way that allows us to use our resources in the best possible way." This translates as a brand always pushing their capabilities to the max, not simply making the use of the materials and technologies at their disposal, but using them to innovate and make sure their processes and results continue to stand among the most cutting edge on the market.


"Imagination and passion are the wings that keep Marchetti flying high," the brand state on their website, "only he who believes in his dreams can really fly."