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Introducing: Masiero Lighting

Posted on November 02 2016

A prestigious name in top of the range luxury lighting, Masiero Lighting was founded in 1981 by Paolo Masiero and Marilena Pellizzato. The brand was started with a philosophy of combining tradition with innovation. Based a short distance from Venice, a long time center of Italian craftsmanship, all the brands designs are rooted in the history, culture, and ideals of their home.


Masiero Group have always prided the innate sense of artistry and ceaseless passion for their craft. This was established by the company's founders, and stays with them to this day. In 2001 they expanded their design and production techniques to establish three distinctive collections of lighting: Classica, Eclettica, and Ottocento.


Masiero has always striven to bring traditional designs and ideals into modern lighting with cutting edge technology. They use a lot of unexpected materials. These include iron, brass, aluminium, and steel, through to various types of wood, plastic, and ceramics. They even incorporate elements of sparkling Asfour and Swarovski crystal into their designs. The company has innovated distinctive details to reimagine classic forms. Their lighting ranges straddle the border between the classic and the contemporary.


Today, the company and the variety of the products they produce continues to grow through a continuous process of experimentation. Every product is hand made from scratch in Italy. This further roots them in the history and character that influences the brand's very being. It also makes each item incredibly unique. Working alongside other designers, Masiero continue to pave the way forwards for the lighting industry.