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Introducing: Maytoni Chandeliers

Posted on February 03 2017

One of the top designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of high quality European luxury lighting fixtures, Maytoni Chandeliers offer a variety of lighting - from the most classic of designs to the most contemporary - to satisfy the most demanding needs and whims of customers all around the globe.

Quality is the very essence of who Maytoni Chandeliers are. With a tightly honed focus on the details, this is a brand at the top of their game. With 1100 models across 13 collections available in 15 different countries, the groups success speaks for itself.

Boasting a highly dynamic team, every design Maytoni Chandeliers bring to life is unique. Pairing their sophisticated designs with a strong sense of good value, much like their designs, this company is one of a kind.

Constantly at work on enlarging and diversifying their collection, expanding further into a global market, Maytoni Chandeliers are undertaking an exciting venture - every client or customer who purchases one of their products is a part of that, and is valued as such.

Taking inspiration from European design traditions to create their lighting solutions, the company build their products from high quality components. Using a technique unique to them to carefully machine polish the crystals they use, Maytoni Chandeliers' creations allows for the refraction of light. This, in turn, allows you to fully appreciate the mesmerizing dance of light through these designs.