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Introducing: Maytoni's Core Value

Posted on March 27 2017

Maytoni is a manufacturer of lighting based in Germany and popular in more than thirty different countries across Europe. The brand has made a name for itself developing a special focus on one key aspect of the designs they make, the products they create, and the service they offer. That key aspect is quality.

The high quality of products made by Maytoni has led to them becoming a fairly a common name in the lighting industry. To assure this impeccable quality, the manufacture process is subject to quality control at all stages from product fabrication to packing of each lighting fixture.

All of Maytoni's designs are born from the brand's design bureau. Here designers and architects from all over the world work in collaboration to bring ideas to life. Each person brings the traditions and flair of their country. Sharing tricks of the trade with colleagues they mould the direction of lighting fixture shaping that the brand makes characteristically their own.

Always remaining on the cutting edge of the technologies they operate with, Maytoni architects constantly improve their qualifications and keep themselves aware of new trends in design. In doing this, the design bureau strives for more than creating much sought after lighting fixtures for the current season - it sets trends for the future,

That care doesn't stop once the products are made. Maytoni products can be purchased in almost every country of Europe through e-commerce sites, shopping malls and more than 800 company show rooms. To ensure that the finished installation has every once of splendour it was created it, these lighting fixtures are packed in branded boxes which safeguard the products against any mechanical damage. The set also includes a detailed assembly diagram and product tag.

Despite the intense competition and high numbers of different light brands, Maytoni designers permanently succeed in delighting customers with their astonishing collections of lighting fixtures. The way they do this is really quite simple: they implement the striving for excellence in every detail.