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Introducing: Metal Lux

Posted on May 03 2017

With nearly half a century worth of success to their name, Metal Lux have established a reputation for quality that has positioned them at the forefront of the luxury lighting industry.

This is a brand that has been present in major international markets for as long as it has existed, thanks to the strong sales network it has. The company started to exhibit their designs at the most prestigious trade fairs in the 1970s, and have ben paving the way as market leaders ever since.

Ever since they started, Metal Lux has strived to innovate and renew. They work at creating design products of the highest quality, brought into being with the help of a large group of coworkers, each brought on board with a very particular set of skills, enabling them to create these artisan designs.

Building from these years of ever expanding expertise, Metal Lux is a brand that’s here to create the designs and offer the lighting solutions you need. As such, they have created a production line of bespoke items for the hospitality and high end retail sectors.

Metal Lux will design the products for you, before manufacturing them using state of the art design systems and cutting edge metalworking equipment.

Drawing on years of experience in business and years spent with an established presence in the luxury lighting market, Metal Lux offers lighting solutions that are characterised by their innovative technologies and competitive price, all with a fast turnaround time.