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Introducing: New Works Homeware

Posted on July 12 2017

New Works Homeware was founded in 2015. Since then, under the vision of Creative Director Knut Benedik Humlevik, the company has grown from a series of sculptural objects to an internationally successful brand.

Demonstrating a love of the sensual and a love of the bold, these are designs with a strong sense of flair and of character. All of this the company creates drawing from the four core values upon which they were founded: nature, experimentation, roughness, and craftsmanship.

This is a brand who believe in respecting the natural qualities of materials both as an inspiration and as a guide when creating their collections. They do this by honouring the individual qualities that each material they use contributes.

In their pursuit of discovery New Works Homeware work in collaboration with artists and designers who share their obsession with detail. Together, they strive to seek out new forms, materials, and textures in the world around them, through experimentation aiming to provide a new vocabulary for contemporary art and design.

To best represent the materials and techniques this brand use to create their objects, New Works Homeware firmly believe that it is vital to retain their original roughness. It's this that gives New Works' homeware products such a strong sense of character.

Fusing their own craft traditions and experiments into various techniques from around the world, the company allow their pieces to push the boundaries of material and form. Challenging the perceptions of the craft while retaining the touch of the craftsman is integral to the sense of character that is found with every New Works Homeware product.