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Introducing: Omlette-ed Lighting & Homeware

Posted on September 14 2017

As far as Omelette-ed Lighting & Homeware are concerned, a good design is the one which gracefully resists the pass of the years. In essence: good design is timeless design, one that continues to resonate for years to come and never loses its shine.

Established in 2010, with their headquarters located in Valencia, Spain, Omelette-ed Lighting & Homeware's aim is apparent through their every creation: to offer a new perspective of design filtered through their own view, creating products that feel both human and close to home.

Omelette-ed Lighting & Homeware achieve this across their varied ranges of products. Furniture, lighting, and accessories are crafted to perfection, adaptable and durable to suit both private and public use.

The range they offer might be vast, but everything under the Omlette-ed Lighting & Homeware name is conceptualised and constructed with the principles of simplicity and honesty held paramount.