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Introducing: Pieter Adam Lighting

Posted on May 05 2017

An alternative to volatile, temporary, and trendy mass production techniques, Pieter Adam’s lighting designs are crafted with the utmost delicacy. Purveyors of craftsmanship and expertise, offering products that boast both quality and durability with no compromise made on exclusivity, these designs are among the most highly prized in the lighting industry.

The main focuses of Pieter Adam Lighting in the design and manufacturing of their products are value, character, individuality, and endurance. These are products meant to last, with function and aesthetic as dual paramount.

Pieter Adam Lighting began work on their collection with three keywords as their guide: contemporary, exclusive, and stylish. Every detail and every piece was carefully thought out leaving nothing to chance.

This is a brand who have built up many years of experience with bronze founders, glass blowers, granite refiners, silk weavers, and other skilled artisans. Building up an expertise with materials and their techniques, Pieter Adam Lighting enable themselves to craft their designs with the highest level of craftsmanship.

In every design they create, perfection is considered paramount throughout the Pieter Adam Collection. From the silk chords to the metal housing for each fitting, a Pieter Adam piece is assembled with scrutiny and passion. These lights are built with personality, designed to be a showpiece in your interior radiating international splendour.

Contemporary, quality, detail-focused lighting is Pieter Adam’s speciality. Working with a fine team of artisans, each working with a passion for their area of expertise, the luxury lighting brand creates designs that double up as lights and as beautiful showpieces.