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Introducing: Raul Lauri's Decafe Lighting

Posted on July 07 2017

Light: it's one of the first things you sense in a morning, the element that ushers each day into life and signals a fresh beginning. It wakes up the senses, ready for the hours ahead. Combining the sense of light with the awakening of coffee, Raul Lauri's Decafe luxury lighting creations are among the most natural and the most invigorating around.

Created by Raul Lauri, this range of luxury lighting designs was conceptualized while reflecting on how we can make the most of everyday's wastes. A well known product, consumed worldwide, and one that can be found in the majority of buildings, Coffee was an obvious material to focus on.

In fact, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. As an experience bearer, a part of day to day routine, of memories, and of events, it seems a waste that so much of such a valued product should be discarded. Looking at this problem, the solution that Raul Lauri devised was Decafe.

The process that transforms coffee from the substance we know and use into a suitable material for designing and manufacturing luxury lighting products is the result of a long experimentation process, coupled with a great deal of patience and enthusiasm. With a patented recipe kept secret, the only way to discover Raul Lauri's Decafe lighting range is to discover them for yourself.