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Introducing: Schonbek Lighting

Posted on May 19 2016

The Swarovski Group have acquired one of the finest names in luxury lighting. Schonbek have carried a reputation for innovation in the crystal lighting industry since the company was founded in 1870. This long established history is what marks out the brand name as leaders in their field.


Schonbeck began as a crystal chandelier business founded by Adolph Schonbek. He left his family glassworks in Bohemia at the age of 24 in order to carve out his own path. This small business - then called A. Schonbeck & Co - would go on to become one of the most prestigious of its kind.


Two decades later, in the 1890s, Schonbek was awarded a personal crest. This came from the former Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg. This crest is the iconic brand logo that you still see today. Within the same decade, Schonbek delivered a 27ft, 600 candle crystal chandelier to the Nizam of Hyderabad in India. Thus his company became the premiere manufacturer of custom made crystal chandeliers.

He passed on the business to his son, Arnold Schonbek, when he was only 17. The company relocated to Montreal in Canada. Here Arnold patented a revolutionary technology for crystal, further cementing the brand as leader of the industry.


Opening a second factory in New York, Schonbek went on to patent further technologies and techniques. It's these that continue to make their products valued above all others. Today the company holds nearly 200 patents, and continues striving to create the highest quality products for their customers.


The brand became a member of the Swarovski Group in 2007. They fuse their expertise to create the most magnificent designs in the crystal lighting industry.