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Introducing: Schonbek's Luxury Chandeliers

Posted on April 02 2016

Introducing: Schonbek's Luxury Chandeliers

Schonbek Lighting is the godfather of all chandeliers. The brand was founded by the great Adolph Schonbek in 1870. Since then, it has become synonymous for the world’s most prestigious and expensive luxury chandeliers.



Originally these chandeliers were made holding wax candles being that bulbs hadn’t been invented. This gives a perspective of how old the brand truly is. Each piece of their chandelier is handmade at the main workshop in Plattsburgh, USA. These chandeliers are only seen in the most beautiful and exclusive locations around the world. Examples of these locations include the White House and the Palace of Versailles.



What makes this a truly remarkable brand is the choice of finish, type of crystal, and number of lights. All of these can be bespoked to the exact requirements of the client. Spectra and Heritage crystal cater for the more price sensitive projects. The Crystals the company create themselves are the most upmost in beauty and quality. That’s if you can afford the price tag, which is normally double the price of the heritage.

The range of finishes are extensive. This is without affecting the price of the chandelier, if you choose one of the 24 finish options as standard. The huge choice of finishes guarantees one will match the colour scheme of the environment it is intended for. If this isn't the case, for an additional cost Schonbek creates your very own unique colour.



i-lite Lighting are Official Suppliers of Schonbek. We will be visiting Schonbek in Moscow later in April 2016 to increase our showroom range of Schonbek chandeliers. This is so we can offer you a range of chandeliers that is unlike no other!