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Introducing: Schuller Lighting

Posted on January 10 2017

Since they first began manufacturing designs fifty years ago, Schuller Lighting have established a long-rooted expertise in high quality products. The Spanish brand is a leading name in not just lamps and light fittings, but home decoration and furniture too.


Founded under the name of Metales Artisticos Schuller SA in the Spanish city of Valencia in 1967 by Richard W. Schuller, the company was devoted to the manufacture of high quality lamps and light fittings. A few years later Schuller created an affiliate company with the name Industrial SCH S.A. to focus on furniture making. Today, both these companies form a part of Schuller S.L.

The name Schuller has always been associated with a high quality craftmanship - but it's not just production that sees the brand excel. Right from the start, this is a company that has always opted to create their own designs. It's this that gives Schuller its own unique identity.


The brand offer over 1000 different products in their ranges. Creating their own unique design, Schuller Lighting present their own interpretation of home decoration. It's a distinctive aesthetic that's seen the company attain international acclaim. Maintaining a well-earned reputation for high quality designs, every product is created to impress.


Boasting a portfolio of over 5000 regular clients, and continuing to export their designs to more than fifty countries, Schuller Lighting designs are celebrated the world over. The company's international presence is becoming increasingly more valued for its importance. In the first half of this decade, the brand experienced a 50% increase in their export billing - and this is a number that continues to grow.