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Introducing: Searchlight Lighting

Posted on June 16 2017

An established and recognised supplier of decorative lighting, Searchlight is a family owned business that was first founded in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger. Now, supplying to the very best specialist lighting retailers, multi national chains, and distributor partners across the globe, this company is a name that remains consistently on the rise.

Searchlight Lighting excel in the creation of innovative and contemporary lighting designs, supplemented with traditional and modern classics, to meet a vast range of styles, trends, customer requirements, and quality standards to the highest of abilities.

The Searchlight International division was established in 2007 and has continued to grow rapidly ever since. The brand now operate in over fifty different countries and are suppliers to many key retailers and distributors. Now established as "a credible, serious, and successful international lighting business" this is a brand at the top of their game and determined to stay that way.

At their core, Searchlight exist in constant pursuit of the philosophy and vision of becoming a world leading provider of innovative, creative, and value-driven decorative lighting. Their purpose is simple and essential: allowing homes across the globe to be enjoyed to their full potential, without compromising on supplying the quality of service that customers have come to expect, while inspiring their employees to be the very best that they can be.

Promoting values of family, respect, integrity, honesty, flexibility, hard work, and loyalty, Searchlight is a business constantly paving the way towards the future. Committed to providing quality, technologically advanced decorative lighting products and unsurpassed customer service, they remain at the forefront of the luxury lighting market.