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Introducing: Sillux Lighting

Posted on May 05 2017

Giuseppe Saccon is a passionate creator of stylish, successful items, all personally made by his own hand. Thirty years ago he established his own design brand, Sillux Lighting. With such a deeply founded handcrafted ethos, Sillux Lighting eloquently denotes a strong work ethic, a familiarity with materials, and a profound creativity.

Sillux Lighting is a dynamic company. The brand is attentive to the latest needs of their customers, product qualities, and innovative techniques. Working by hand from start to finish, these are designs brought to life specifically for you and for your use. They achieve this through the cooperation with renowned designers and architects, giving them the ability to satisfy even the most demanding buyers and the most pressing of needs.

This is a brand that prides itself on the ability to meet the growing challenges of highly complex design projects and increasingly daring proposals. Sillux Lighting do this through constant innovation, both in style and in techniques.

With designs that are characterized by a particular sensitivity for the interpretation of new "good living" forms, the collections that Sillux Lighting create offer restrained elegance, balance, and attractive appearance. They do all of this without any renunciation of the highest functionality and the quality of the components.

Through highly expressive tone and simple lines, Sillux give dignity to the lighting, which don't introduce extreme experiments but offer at the client a wide and reasoned aesthetic solutions. Built by some of the most celebrated Italian craftsmen, if you're looking for something unique and characteristic from the luxury lighting market, you'll have a hard time finding any designs quite like these.