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Introducing: SLAMP

Posted on April 10 2017

For SLAMP, every day is the first day of creation. This is a brand that constantly strive to create something new, pushing their capabilities to the limit in an eternal mission to forge their way through the future. When it comes to innovative designs, there's none finer.


The founding aims of SLAMP are simple. The company, and the team behind it, have always striven to create something new in the Italian design arena. The brand work with some of the greatest international designers and some of the most innovative materials, combining an artisan's eye for detail with the excellence of industrial production.

Since the brand name was first founded, SLAMP's growth has never faltered. Today the company stands as one of the most celebrated and sought after in the field of decorative designer lighting, offering original and exclusive products to anyone who seeks them.


The team that make up SLAMP are united by a passion for their craft and a drive to innovate and to constantly improve. Combining this passion with inspiration from the great masters and a visionary force to help drive them, the team continuously strive to build beyond the limits they'd previously seen.


The success of SLAMP is echoed in the DNA of the products it creates. All of these designs are created with an unquestionable character in mind, forged to be instantly recognisable in the setting they illuminate. There's a curiosity for new materials, an affinity for experimentation, and a trust in instinct, all presented through futuristic engineering solutions.