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Introducing: Swarovski's Festival Of Light

Posted on February 06 2017

Now open at Kristallwelten – or Crystal World – Swarovski are hosting a truly spectacular Festival Of Light. Located in the seven hectare gardens of the Austrian attraction, a series of unique installations have been made to light up after sunset, accompanied by a perfectly coordinated sound concept. Together they transform the setting into a mystical world of light and sound.

The Installations

Playtower: With a facade stretching upwards, reaching out towards the night sky, this design's gleaming white laser beams form faceted crystal patterns in a vast sculpture of light.

Giant: An iconic part of Kristallwelten, the Giant's Head appears like something out of a fairy tale. As a part of Swarovski's Festival Of Light, the movements of visitors to this creation bring the head of the giant to life with astonishing light effects.

Red Loves Blue: Incorporated into Crystal Worlds' Crystal Cloud and Mirror Pool installation, this enchants audiences with a choreographed interplay of red and blue light. Visitors who venure along the path and down to the Mirror Pool seem to be drawn into a white sea of light and fog, as if they were merging right into the installation.

The Features

Every day as the evening sets in, a unique light and laser show takes place. Repeating every twenty minutes, this display of perfectly coordinated light and sound displays the attraction in a brand new light, creating new surprises in every corner of the park.

On select evenings, the Playtower becomes transformed into a blacklight disco. Playing some of the freshest and most exciting music around, the disco is fun for visitors of any age. Professional dancers demonstrate - and even teach - some impressive moves. UV make-up, soap bubbles, neon tape, and glow bracelets all add to the air of joviality and fun.

The Festival

Presenting visitors with a world of contrasts - where light meets shadow, where silence meets sound, where nature meets technology - the Festival Of Light creates completely new moments of wonder.

Taking place this year from 30 January - 19 February, it truly is a spectacle to behold, demonstrating a proficiency with light and crystal that is hitherto unrivaled.