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Introducing: Terzani

Posted on December 01 2016

Founded in the Italian city of Florence in 1972, Terzani has over forty years of experience in their field. Melding traditional Italian craftsmanship with current technologies, they bring lighting designs to life lighting. Not only that, but they bridge together the worlds of art, design, and luxury.

The Mission

Company founder Sergio Terzani and CEO Nicolas Terzani have always strived to push the boundaries of their field. They achieve this through experimentation, ensuring their products are among the most cutting edge. Terzani products are also created to be of the highest quality.

This experimentation has been furthered with the creation of the Terzani Lab. This isan area dedicated to the testing and development of new materials, techniques, and ideas.

The Inspiration

Commissioning designs from world renowned artists, the brand give form to unique and individual voices. They instill all of the creations in their extensive collections with an unmistakable sense of character.

Terzani inspire dedication and hard work in the team who create their designs. They also inspire awe and wonder in those who view them. Simply put, Terzani is a brand like no other.

The Motivation

The company are always looking for new ways to drive the work they do forwards. This is done through the development of new production methods. The painstaking process of handcrafting designs in the studio also plays a strong part in this. The company work with their clients and customers to ensure that all the desired design needs are fulfilled.

Building from an industry leader, the brand is constantly stepping forwards. A shining light for the future of lighting, the company continues to focus on new ideas. They constantly strive to redefine the way in which luxury lighting is made.