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Introducing: Terzani's Precious Design Concept

Posted on May 03 2017

Breaking the conventional boundaries of traditional luxury lighting design, Terzani Lighting's Precious Design concept is luxury and tradition evolved. This is a range of lighting quite unlike anything the brand has done before, infusing classic aesthetics with a contemporary cutting edge that brings the designs firmly into the 21st Century.

Incorporating stunningly contemporary design, cutting edge technologies, artisan craftsmanship, and precious materials, the lights within the Precious Design range are sculptures of light with an illumination that's capable of transforming a setting through the dynamic play of light and shadow. These designs create a new visual language of what luxury is, reflecting the aesthetics of today, alongside traditions of architecture and design, and push towards a vibrant future.

When Terzani set about designing these new lights, they approached the process with the drive and determination to evolve what luxury lighting is. Terzani have always strived to create designs that innovate the most cutting edge of technologies and materials. They achieve this by drawing on their longstanding experiences and traditional influences while continuously testing the boundaries of their technologies and forms, innovating as their expertise expands.

Every fixture Terzani create is made with the highest level of craftsmanship. These are designs that take shadow into account as much as they do light. The illumination they create and offer to a setting is entirely characteristic of each design. The lights in the Precious Design range reexamine the very nature of the visual language of what luxury is. They reflect classic traditions, current aesthetics, and all the while they push towards the future.

Terzani are a brand that constantly strive for the best - and that is exactly what the Precious Design concept range offers.