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Introducing: Tooy Lighting

Posted on July 20 2017

Brand new to the lighting market, Tooy Lighting established themselves by creating products that are recognised as versatile and original from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Fresh and dynamic, this is luxury lighting at its most cutting edge and contemporary.

Tooy draw together different knowledges, passions, and expertises with a fine tuned attention to detail, always focusing on the gaze perspective, creating lighting solutions that are both functional and inspiring to the eye.

Every product is made from a totally new design concept, so that this company can offer a range of lighting solutions that is as characteristic as it is varied and vibrant. Each design is crafted with the intention of being able to overcome the static nature of the lighting fixtures themselves, presenting a sense of motion in their magic.

The team behind Tooy Lighting are some of the most skilled in their fields, drawing together talents in interdisciplinary work ranging from the technical, the industrial, the commercial, and the aesthetic, to name a few areas. Together they give new life to these most contemporary of lighting designs.

Tooy Lighting's aim is simple: to create products of archetypal beauty that combine elegance with functionality and playfulness. Drawing from family history to project themselves and their creations into the future, this is a company of fusion and collaboration.

Their mantra is equally as straightforward: break the rules, meet the needs, and create the solutions. With a range of products as versatile as these ones, Tooy Lighting create lighting designed to suit you. Original and functional, this is performance at its most beautiful.