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Introducing: Varilight Switches

Posted on May 08 2017

Varilight has been manufacturing switches since the company’s conception in 1972. The brand name of Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd, this company stands as one of the leading British manufacturers of dimmer switches and decorative switches and sockets in the UK.

Originally a cottage industry, the Varilight name has become synonymous with quality, choice, value and innovation. This is a brand that not only innovate with technology, but also in lead the market in on-trend decorative finishes across the comprehensive range.

For Varilight, the need to reevaluate dimmer switches as a new technology is constant. Energy saving prerogatives are paramount to the brand, and their ceaseless determination to create not only characteristic aesthetics but the most user friendly designs has led to them bringing new generations of light sources to the market.

These constant developments have made the technicians on the Varilight team experts in dimming, and consequently saw them awarded the UK's most prestigious recognition of business achievement in recognition of this expertise. The Queen's Award for Enterprise in the category of Continuous Innovation And Development (awarded to the company in 2006)  rewards the winner for demonstrating substantial improvement in business performance and commercial success as a result of their technological innovations.

The company's ability to diversify through innovation is demonstrated by the development of the world's first truly dimmable compact fluorescent lamp which was launched in 2006. This revolutionary technology combined the energy-saving properties of fluorescent lamps with those inherent in a dimmer switch. In recognition of its continuous innovation in lighting control, Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd was honoured with a second Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2015.

Now a name synonymous with quality, choice, value, and innovation - not only in technologies but in styles and trends - the Varilight range of switches, dimmers, and sockets is second to none.