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Introducing: Venetia Studium

Posted on May 08 2017

With a skillset that enables them to turn their hand to everything from clothing accessories (such as scarves, dresses and bags) to interior design items (from cushions, through tapestries, table runners, and curtains) Venetia Studium is a luxury designer of the highest order.

Their ambition is simple: to create new objects speaking an ancient language of elegance and good taste, to design and develop products that are new but still uniquely recognizable as a direct link to the forms and patterns of the past. This is a dream the founder shared with their sons, one that continues to run through the company’s veins to this day.

Inspired by the rich culture and history of Venice all around them, Venetia Studium products are all designed with a vibrancy of atmosphere and colours. Drawing on the rich legacy of the city as they plow forward into the future, Venetia Studium are pioneering the way to a brand new day.

All the materials this brand use are carefully selected and innovated to ensure that each design is created to the highest of standards. Silks, velvets, cottons and new materials both enhance and diversify Venetia Studium products, giving every design its own unique sense of character.

The inspiration and passion to create new objects speaking the ancient language of elegance and taste comes from close observation of the world of yesterday and today. Every day, with its colours and architecture, Venice provides new ideas and atmospheres. The quality and refinement of these Venetia Studium products are brought about as the result of passion, pride, and shared enthusiasm.