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Viso Lighting A Canadian Luxury Lighting Concept

Posted on August 30 2018

Viso Lighting A Canadian Luxury Lighting Concept
It's easy to get lost when it comes to finding the perfect luxury lighting solution from Viso Lighting to meet your luxury design needs. It’s desirable to understand the different options that are available. That’s why our expert staff at iLite are on hand to help assist you with any queries or questions you may have. We want to help make your journey towards the right luxury design solution that meets your needs as smooth as possible. One of the greatest options is VISO lighting. Here follows a quick introduction and guide to this company. Viso has a special approach of creating luxurious lighting fixtures. This company literally transforms environments into something spectacular bringing about admiration and delight. They have established well thought out process which incorporates everything from the creation of blueprints and the choice of materials to the the way they pack and transit fixtures to ensure safe delivery. VISO lighting pride themselves on their ability to ensure that neither style nor service is ever compromised. Viso Lighting  is a luxury lighting brand that has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the design and manufacturing of luxurious lighting fixtures. This Toronto-based company was founded in the late 1990's in Portugal. Since then they have adopted principles of continuous improvement and unmatched professionalism. The brand strive to ensure premium quality, experimenting on a large scale and thinking of all possible aspects of a project – from the first sketch of an idea to the product maintenance after installation. In heir work they combine diverse materials such as natural stone, metal, polycarbonate, fabric and ceramic with specialized proprietary finishes. Viso Lighting definitely has a right to be considered as one of the leading lighting designers. It has transformed many environments with cutting-edge light installations, such as the FIVE Hotel and Resort in Dubai, the Four Seasons in Kuwait, the Deloitte Headquarters in Toronto, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Leña Restaurant and numerous casinos, bars and restaurants. What is more, VISO is a preferred lighting manufacturer for Tim Horton’s International, McDonald’s NA, Douglas European Perfumery and many more. Here is what the design leader of Mackay wong, a strategy + design agency located in the heart of Toronto, says about working with VISO: “At mackaywong, we aim to provide unsurpassed design and consulting services for the hospitality industry – to achieve this we have to work with the best of the best. This is why we have such a long-standing relationship with VISO. Their design, manufacturing and project management capabilities are second-to-none while their ability to bring to life our lighting ideas make our job feel effortless and stress-free. VISO works closely with our designers and project managers to ensure that together, we can bring to life the best lighting solutions for our clients. VISO is always at the top of the list as a lighting partner for our projects.” Whatever your luxury lighting needs, here at iLite we strive to help you navigate the world of luxury lighting designs and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your design needs. To find out more, visit us in store, at The Mailbox or browse our product range online.