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Learn more about RLM lighting

Posted on June 13 2018

Learn more about RLM lighting
When it comes to finding the perfect luxury lighting solution to meet your luxury design needs, it's important to understand the different options that are available to you. Here at iLite, our friendly and expert staff are on hand to help assist you with any queries or questions you may have. We want to help make your journey towards the right luxury design solution that meets your luxury design needs as smooth as possible. One of those options is RLM Lighting. What follows is a quick introduction and guide to this form of lighting design. RLM lighting is an acronym for reflector light microscopy. To explain the terminology simply, this refers to the way in which these fixtures direct light toward a subject with precision. The meaning of the term has come to alter, encompassing the aesthetic and manufacturing side of lighting. This style of lighting has been in use for a number of years. The iconic downlight reflector design helped direct light from exposed filament-bulbs to give people in working environments more directed illumination while they toiled. Reflectors helped make early light bulbs more efficient by channeling light with purpose, which soon made RLM reflectors a popular option for open spaces like gymnasiums by mid-century. Perhaps the real beauty of RLM lighting comes with its unique modularity. RLM lights look natural in a variety of mounting and finish options. Aesthetically, they are tied to a tradition of industrial style that people today are drawn to. For lofts in historic factory spaces, RLMs represent a throwback look that’s tied to the early history of the building, updated to meet the demands of today’s technology and energy requirements–no more dim corners and eerie yellowed glow. Their simple geometric forms make them a cool and understated look for urban spaces in general–where touches of the industrial are needed, but rougher elements seem out of place. It lends a cool and effortless look to a place and doesn’t age with fickle aesthetic tides. Versatility is another major selling point for RLM lights. Because their designs aren’t easy to categorise, subtle changes in finish can radically transform their presentation. By design, RLM fixtures are meant to be easily customisable. Of course, their original design intent hasn’t worn away with time and aesthetic revitalisation. RLM lighting still directs light: today their most common form is as vibrant and efficient LED and halogen lights. Their purpose is to spotlight certain spaces without distracting people seated elsewhere. Outdoor RLM lighting has also grown in popularity, because its reflector directs light to sidewalks, walkways, and roads while creating less light pollution. RLM lighting isn’t always easy to define, it seems. But it does wonders for creating definition in your decor. Whatever your luxury lighting needs, here at iLite we strive to help you navigate the world of luxury lighting designs and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your luxury design needs. To find out more, visit us in store at The Mailbox or browse our product range online.