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LEDS-C4 shine a light on Compact

Posted on May 25 2018

LEDS-C4 shine a light on Compact
Continuing to build from over forty years worth of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of luxury lighting solutions, LEDS-C4 is one of the most revered sources of contemporary luxury lighting around. This is a brand that operates in 140 countries around the world, serving more than 13000 customers on an international basis. The company operates in all lighting segments, both indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial alike. Their mission is simple: to take light, an element resplendent in its own power, and use t=it to generate feelings and emotions. “There is no architecture without light,” they state on their company website. And sure enough, they’re right. LEDS-C4 believe in in light, but more than that, they believe in its potential to assist the comfort of people in their different life situations. The way they achieve this is through the cultivation of a shared love of their craft. Their passionate team continuously investigate the possibilities that light presents. Through this, they have developed an understanding of how light can influence different spaces as well as the ways in which we perceive them. The brand then apply that knowledge in the study of every new lighting project, as well as to every step of the development process for every one of their lighting designs. The goal is the same every time: to achieve the desired singularity for each different area to light. This Spanish company has more than four decades of experience supplying original lighting designs and creations to the European market, and they continue to amaze customers with products that are both decorative and functional. The range of lights that LEDS-C4 offer is comprised of some of the most interesting lighting fixtures for both indoors and exteriors, each creation designed with simplicity of use in mind and created to appeal to even the most sophisticated of users. With a focus on modern aesthetics, with inspiration rooted in the traditional, LEDS-C4 offer a fresh take on chandeliers, pillars, floor lamps, wall lamps, and other lighting fixtures besides, each with their own sense of novelty. The lights that LEDS-C4 offer are not only brilliant in terms of function - illuminating a setting as required by the users - but also as decoration, presenting themselves with a characteristic sense of comfort and style that is truly special. One of LEDS-C4's most striking designs is that of the Compact. This pedestal fixture was designed by Francesc Vilaró, and continues to prove itself as one of the company's most revered creations. The Compact pedestal light might be small, but its function is mighty. The light is crafted from a smooth frame with an urban grey finish. It's transparent diffuser is split into four different sections, offering a variety of light spill options that can be changed to meet your ever changing lighting needs. These sections can be blocked and opened as suits the user, letting you dictate the illumination the light offers as and how you need it. If you are looking for a lighting fixture that is highly functional, with a modern aesthetic, and a flexible and adaptable approach to illumination, then LEDS-C4's Compact design could very well be the light for you.