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Lit: Masiero pride of place in the Green–Grossfield project

Posted on December 15 2016

When looking at luxury lighting, it’s important to find a design that suits your setting. One way to gain insight into this is to look at a brand’s varying projects. This allows us to see how the designs suit a variety of different locations. One such company is Masiero Lighting, whose designs feature in a number of projects internationally.

The Project

The Green – Grossfield Project is one such undertaking. This is a project undertaken by American journalist Jordana Green and her husband Mark Grossfield. The renovation of their new home in Minnesota was the subject of a television program. The series sought to find the most beautiful homes in the US.

The Purpose

Throughout the program, and indeed the renovation of the house, Masiero Lighting designs feature heavily. Jordana Green describes the lights as “whimsical yet sophisticated”. She justifies choosing these products as “the lights will never go out of style". Their application to a modern, domestic setting demonstrates their versatility.

The Products

Throughout the renovation featured in the program, several different Masiero Lighting designs feature. Flashwood illuminates the house’s great hall. Libe lamps light up the island in the kitchen. Olà dominates over the table in the dining room. Virgo adds a sense of playfulness to the childrens’ bedrooms.

The Programme

The documentary on the Green – Grossfield project can be watched in full online here.