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Lit: Boca Do Lobo at the Covet London Blogger's Meeting

Posted on March 23 2018

Luxury lighting is an industry like no other. From the most revered of traditional designs to the freshest in contemporary creations, and, indeed, beyond that, it's an industry that has everything to offer, and one that is only set to grow. This month saw a unique event take place: the Bloggers Meeting was set up to celebrate design. Taking place at Covet London on the 7th of March, this astounding London event was a celebration of all types of creativity. Various designs of luxury furniture, lighting, accessories and more were ready and waiting for attendees at the Covet London bloggers meeting. There visitors were able to see, among other things, the latest of Boca Do Lobo‘s designs. The main goal was to “promote more Bloggers Meeting around the world so that Covet Group can celebrate the wonders of design with luxury interior design aficionados all over the planet”. And that's exactly what the event did. Having created a buzz online and on social media sites, the event seems set to inspire more of its kind. The Covet London Bloggers Meeting was graced with the esteemed presence of some of the most famous, important, and popular bloggers and vloggers in the United Kingdom. In the home office of Cover London, attendees could view exquisite luxury pieces like the Coleccionista Bookcase, Erosion Stool – a small stool with a large presence that can be placed at any part of your home. Another staple piece on show was the Boulevard Desk – a highly desirable classic piece perfect for your exclusive office or for a private place like your room, where you rather prefer to register your thoughts and your ideas. Full of unquestionable character, the Equator Globe Bar was an instant hit, a delicate and detailed craftsmanship equals one unique jewellery piece.