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Lit: Brand Van Egmond at Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Posted on April 09 2018

When it comes to contemporary luxury lighting designs, Brand Van Egmond are one of the names that shine the brightest. A trendsetter in handcrafted decorative lighting, the company are unparalleled in their excellence. Rather than just a way to illuminate a setting, Brand Van Egmond firmly believe that lighting sculptures should add their own character to a location – even if they’re not switched on. There’s an infinite range of lights out there, and this is a company that believes whatever fixture or lamp you choose should make a statement, or add a mood. It's for their ability to truly compliment a setting and add to a mood that Brand Van Egmond's designs were chosen to illuminate many of the rooms at TwentySeven's new luxury boutique hotel in the Royal Palace square in Amsterdam. "We would like to congratulate our friends TwentySeven with the official opening of their boutique hotel!" Brand Van Egmond stated online. "Situated on the same square as the Royal Palace in the heart of Amsterdam, it promises to become a new landmark for luxury and hospitality in Europe." "For anyone who will visit the boutique hotel in the near future," the brand continue, "enjoy their first class service as well as our lighting sculptures throughout the hotel: from the Toren Suite till the chef’s table inside restaurant Bougainville." Used throughout the new boutique hotel, Brand Van Egmond's characteristic designs bring the luxury establishment's sense of class and extravagance to life with an unparalleled sense of grace. These are designs selected to fit the spirit of the building to a T, and that's exactly what they do.