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Lit: Brand Van Egmond's Flintstone and Boseki

Posted on June 15 2017

Brand Van Egmond have always been a brand to cultivate inspiration as much as they create and innovate their own. One of the leaders in contemporary lighting designs, they draw from history as much as they do the culture that surrounds them. The result is as cutting edge as it is characteristic and recognisable.

These designs are open to the interpretation of whoever sees them and uses them. Crafted to compliment the character of your setting as well as displaying a character of their own, there are many different ways in which Brand Van Egmond's products can be displayed to the best of their use and the height of their aesthetic value.

Brand Van Egmond encourage this though everything they do, sharing the inspired displays of their products in peoples' homes and settings across their social media accounts to in turn inspire others in their own creative use of these products.

One such product recently highlighted was the Flintstone floor light. The contemporary Dutch design of the light fitting combined with Japanese works of art dating back over three hundred years from different periods and regions to create a uniquely brilliant aesthetic,

Sharing the same visual principles, the light gently brings a sense of nature into the home. The stone at the light's base is reminiscent of the Japanese art form of bonseki, while the branches of the structure delicately balance the overall energy of the design.

Occupying a space somewhere between art and passion with a distinctive elegance, these are designs constructed with class, crafted to bring a sense of something wondrous directly to you.