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Lit: David Hunt Lighting in Soho

Posted on November 15 2017

After a busy year of designing and planning, David Hunt Lighting were extremely excited to unveil a sneak peak of their ‘new look’ in the quirky streets of Soho this September, inviting many of their retailers and press guests from a number of magazines to show what we’ve been working on throughout 2017.

Not only do David Hunt Lighting have an eclectic range of new collections, but they have also been working on a revitalised design for their much-loved brand. Their Cotswold heritage is a defining part of their story. This will always be the foundations of David Hunt lighting, only now the brand are introducing an exciting modern twist.

As a British manufacturer, David Hunt Lighting have a fantastic team in their Cotswolds workshop who give life to their many designs. They have perfected timeless techniques to create their handmade products and that is something they really wanted to explain in Soho.

A single design may go through a dozen pairs of hands before it’s finished and boxed. This means that a number of handcrafted processes and intricate detailing will be applied in specialist departments within David Hunt Lighting's workshop.

The collection that they chose to detail in Soho was our Saddler table lamp. Made from resin, the Saddler is finished to replicate genuine hand stitched leather. There are a number of stages before this finished table lamp is ready.

The brand start by visiting a local saddler who will cover an MDF design in real leather. This is then used to create a master mould, which is then used to create a manufacturing mould. Resin is a material that allows the brand to recreate even the finest of detail for their intended finish. This is how the original leather stitching is replicated on their Saddler table lamps.