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Lit: DelightFULL Grecian Kitchen

Posted on October 16 2017

Creating lighting that reflects personality, DelightFULL‘s creations present a frame of mind and strong emotions in every detail of their construction. Focusing their vision with the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship, these design pieces not only illuminate interiors but add a strong design presence to any space with their unique forms. The world that DelightFULL embody is all about ambience and history, preserving and presenting moments that stay forever through their lighting designs. All their products are designed and constructed by an artisan team with a wisdom and passion for their craftsmanship. To see all of this character and value in action, all you need to do is take a look at any one of DelightFULL's numerous projects. One striking example would be a mid century modern house in Greece. Marrying the glamour, sophistication, and desirability that is synonymous with the location, the project is brought to life through its many unique details, illuminated by DelightFULL's iconic mid century Coltrane lamp. Designed by architect Karya Baryshnikova, the open plan kitchen boasts a comfort and stylish vibe that only mid century style could add. All in all, it's the industrial design in the kitchen that makes the lighting stand out as the greatest part of the interior design. Everything is functional, simple, and clean - all qualities highly prized when it comes to such a location. DelightFULL's Coltrane is a perfect fit for the minimalist interior. It's characteristic design makes Coltrane suitable for even the most demanding of settings, and here the creation is able to truly shine.