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Lit: Endon's Tripod and Kitty Luxe

Posted on March 07 2018

Endon Lighting have established themselves as a premiere name in decorative lighting designs to suit both contemporary and traditional environments. The brand boast a range of over a thousand products in their portfolio. Their Product Development team has built up many years experience in decorative and contract products, and constantly push the limits to ensure the products you receive suit your needs. Not only that, but Endon Lighting have the ability and the infrastructure to develop bespoke products custom created for you. The brand were recently featured on The Kitty Luxe, their characteristic Tripod floor lamp being showcased on the website in all of its glory. The review of the design, and its function, are nothing short of radiant. "I've actually always wanted a tripod lamp but never taken the plunge as I've always thought that they take up a lot of floor space due to the legs," the post introduces, before countering that "in fact, it's quite the opposite." "The wide stance makes this a statement piece that friends can't help but comment on, however the three legs, instead of the 1-leg traditional floor lamp, make for a lot of negative space which adds depth to the room. Oh, and the height is adjustable! So you can create the look that works best for your ceiling height, etc." "The Endon Tripod Floor Lamp doesn't come with a lampshade, but you can easily find one that fits. It also means that you can shop around and really find a shade that suits your space. Because the lamp itself is quite large, you can definitely brave it out and get a large shade to make a serious lighting statement like I have. I did stick to neutral as it works best for my living space and makes the area look much lighter and bigger." The full post can be found on the Kitty Luxe website.